Coffee cozies

I love wool yarn as a to go cup coffee cozy. They are pretty and soft, and will repel liquids long enough to get wiped off. As they are felted, they can also be hand washed without worry of shrinking!

Now live and available for purchase 🙂 These will also fit many sizes of reusable travel mugs if you want to make them look more fun.


Diaper love

 This is the Rocket Bottoms one size fitted pattern as an all-in-one diaper. 

The finished project makes me happy in so many ways. For one, it is beautiful 🙂 love the fabric and love how it sews up and fits amazingly well (on the 8 week old and the 2 year old!). 

Secondly, this shows just how far I’ve come with sewing over the past few years. I’ve come a long way from turning and top stitching two layers of flannel together for my first wipes!


Dragon! “rawr”

This project is as done as I am going to get it. It was a fabulous project and is supposed to have wings but I do not think I will ever get to them. Plus with how well my toddler cuddles it I’m thinking it is safer to leave them off 🙂

This is an awesome pattern/tutorial by Heidi Bears on Ravelry:

It was well worth the price of the pattern. It took a while but in the end was so neat to see the colors and construction coming together! It is quite large and was a perfect birthday present for my 2 year old.

I see many more of her African Flower animals in my future!


Stay on booties

These are definitely the cutest things ever and they work 🙂 I’m making them with nice soft warm fabric so socks aren’t needed. Planning on doing plenty of pairs for baby boy and once my grip-tight fabric comes in will make some slippers for the girls at daycare.

Here is her pattern:

Pattern Test #1

I was so thrilled to be chosen to finally test a pattern! This is the “sugar cookie romper” by Kelly J Designs and it is adorable. Made with interlock it is nice and cozy for little ones!

Here you can find my photos on her blog:

Links to purchase the pattern can be found from Kelly’s blog!